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FlexPay Plan

FlexPay Plan

Enjoy Easy Payments with our Traveloni FlexPay Plan!

Traveloni helps take the stress out of paying for a Traveloni Destination Wedding and Honeymoon packages! Our Traveloni Destination Wedding FlexPay Plan is designed to allow you to make your payments as you go! Unlike most other travel providers, where you and your guests are forced to pay for your entire travel expense in one upfront sum, we offer you a much more flexible and affordable solution.

After making your initial deposit to hold your reservation, you can space out your payments until your final payment is due, typically 30 to 60 days prior to your departure. Our FlexPay Plan allows you to pay the remainder of your balance due on whatever schedule and in whatever amounts are best for you. Maybe $50 a month? $100 a month? It’s up to you!

Even better, our Traveloni Destination Wedding FlexPay plan is interest-free! This means every dollar of every payment goes toward your travel. We never charge a service fee or interest for this service!

No sign up is necessary! Simply tell your Traveloni Wedding specialist when you are making your reservation that you would like to take advantage of our Destination Wedding FlexPay Plan. We’ll take care of the rest!

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