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Costa Rica Weddings

Costa Rica Weddings

Costa Rican Weddings: Fly From the Treetops

Costa Rican weddings give you an experience like no other, and with good reason; here you can fly from a zip line across the canopies of the tropical forests by day, and watch a live active volcano at night (and of course get married sometime in between!). Sleep on a bed of perfumed crisp linens, with fresh fruit and champagne delivered every day to your room. Have the finest entertainment, gambling, and dining just footsteps from your room, but the option to go outside the resort to explore wonderful local areas that are rich in history and things to do. Relax in quiet spas and reinvigorate yourself with a massage by the sea, or go paragliding over the mountains to see the island like never before. With a Costa Rican destination wedding, you”ll have so many options for a good time you might not want to leave!

Why A Costa Rica Wedding?

While there are many Caribbean island nations that you could choose from to have your beach wedding, Costa Rica is just a friendly and a great place for people who want to relax away from the crowds and explore without having to fight for space. Why should you have to deal with large crowds just to have a great time, when you can have a Costa Rica wedding right on the beach or at a resort with all the modern touches that are both elegant as well as luxurious? When you purchase an all inclusive resort honeymoon package, you can often even get a free wedding too!

Are Destination Weddings Expensive?

While a wedding in paradise might seem expensive, it actually isn’t. Here you can have the wedding of your dreams, but for a fraction of what you would spend on just the wedding alone back home, not even counting the reception! When you’re trying to find the best value, but don’t want to skimp on the memories you want to create of your wedding, a beach wedding in Costa Rica is a serious option you should consider. With a free wedding package, you can get a wedding planner, decorated location, and even a small cake to share with your wedding party; if you need more options you can pay a small fee to upgrade and tailor your wedding to your ideal and then voila, you have the perfect beach wedding and honeymoon in Eden for a lot less than you would have to spend back home!

Have Your Dream Wedding in Paradise

Getting wed in Costa Rica can be difficult, but we can help you have the beach wedding you deserve! We know what paperwork you need to get in order for the marriage certificate, how to get all of your reservations in order, and of course how to get the best deal. If you’d like to explore what Costa Rica wedding packages are right for you, fill out our No Hassle No Obligation Planner or call us at (800) 510-5642 ; this no obligation consultation is our gift to you, we just want to help you have the best wedding possible! Also make sure you ask about free wedding packages at some of the best resorts in Costa Rica.

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