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Belize Weddings

Belize Weddings

Having your dream wedding in Belize is a snap; everything is taken care of for you and it’s a beautiful Pacific paradise where people come to play and relax. From the fun in the sun along its many beaches and safaris in the rainforest, to flying high on a zip line to dizzying heights above the tree tops and going snorkeling along the beautiful pristine reefs, there’s something here for everyone! Go exploring in sacred Mayan limestone caves on foot or in a boat with a guide that knows all the secret spots, and then top off the day with a dinner and a show in one of the major casinos. Dining in Belize range from the beautiful resort hotel restaurants that offer European (known as continental) options to down home cooking with fresh papayas and yummy seafood; turn on all of your senses with many foods ranging from decadent to organic and fair trade. Spend a night looking up at the stars on a beach bed with colorful drinks, and then go see a can-can show the next night. You’ll never spend your time the same each day, and you’ll never ask why you came out to Belize! Take a break from the ordinary with a Belize beach wedding and destination honeymoon!

Belize Activities

Two of the major attractions for Belize weddings are the natural beauty of the caves and the ocean, and the fun trips down the zip line over the rainforest propelled by gravity. The beaches are pristine, the reefs are teeming with sea life, and you can always go sport fishing for the elusive bonefish that has vexed fishermen in this region since time immemorial. Take a trip deep down into the caves of Belize to see the natural limestone formations and the ancient Mayan remains.

Dining in Belize

Dining in Belize will range from the most delicious food made from simple local ingredients to haute cuisine from Paris. You’ll be able to taste the world when you visit Belize, and San Pedro has the best options in the country to do it! Look around the downtown areas and along the more built up beach areas and you’ll be able to find the best that Belize has to offer. Make sure you try something local like the papayas, mangoes and plantains; you’ve never had anything so fresh and your perspective on these fruits will change in no time!

Belize Nightlife

Nightlife in Belize gives you everything you could hope for; from tiki bars and lounges along the beaches to the glitzy nightlife of the casinos where you can test your luck. The bar and club scene has exploded, but Belize is a very couples centered vacation so you won’t have to worry about too many sleazy people bothering you while you’re trying to have a good time. Vegas style shows are in the casinos nightly (but ask them when the cruise crowd comes in so you can avoid the crowds) and you can have a great dinner. Wrap up your evening with a relaxing night on the beach looking up at the stars.

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