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Destination Wedding Ideas

Destination Wedding Ideas

Destination Wedding Ideas to Make your Special Day One to Remember

It can be hard to find a way to keep your wedding from being a cookie cutter wedding, but there are ways to do it! One of the best and most affordable ways is a destination wedding. Destination weddings give you a great deal on a wedding, honeymoon and vacation wrapped all in one nice package! If you’ve been trying to find a way to celebrate your special day in a unique way, destination weddings are the way to go. Here I’ll show you some unique ideas to make your wedding the best!

Tropical Destination Weddings

The first idea is a tropical destination wedding! With locations like Costa Rica and Hawaii, you can go and fly through the treetops, swim with dolphins, and even go deep sea fishing on guided tours! Go on night time volcano tours that late you watch the lava flow right into the ocean or straight up into the air, sometimes even from a helicopter too! You can make your tropical wedding and honeymoon as exotic and adventurous as you want, or just relax and lie back.

Island Destination Weddings

Island destination weddings give you all the fun and luxury that you would want from a Caribbean wedding, but on a budget that you can afford. Surround yourself with shady palms, white and pink sandy beaches that stretch on forever and friendly faces that want to make your honeymoon and wedding oh so special. When you’re looking for the best that island life can give you, including rich meals and colorful drinks that never go empty, an island destination wedding is a great wedding idea to make your time together truly special!

Beach Destination Weddings

Some of the best beaches are in island and tropical paradises, and when you’re looking for the best spot to hold your wedding, why not a beach? Pick a weathered wooden ivory chapel along the beach complete with bells and flowers, or go for something more simple with a seaside wedding barefoot right on the beach. Beach destination weddings can be elegant and simple, or they can get extravagant and accommodate tons of guests. You can choose how to decorate and what add-ons you want to make your wedding special. These can include things like fireworks displays at sunset, buffets on the beach, live music (harpists, mariachi players, etc) and live performers like fire breathers and luau dancers.

Destination weddings are an affordable and fun way to make your wedding and honeymoon as special as your union! Many resorts will even give you a free wedding or honeymoon if you have one or the other in their resort, just to make sure you stay with them. Adding on fresh flower arrangements to your ceremony or a couples massage before or after the wedding can be a great way to make your wedding unique. Don’t settle for a cookie cutter wedding when you can have something beautiful!

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