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Destination Wedding Cost

Destination Wedding Cost

How much does it Cost to have a Destination Wedding?

Every bride knows that weddings can be expensive! But what if there was a way to start saving money on your wedding, but still get all the perks and benefits of an expensive wedding? There is! Destination weddings let you have a beautiful wedding on a budget, in some of the most beautiful places on earth. Controlling costs is as easy as planning ahead and knowing where to find deals on the things that matter; but how can you start saving money on your own wedding? How can you make sure that your wedding stays unique on a budget? Are destination weddings expensive? All of these questions and more will be answered here, just keep reading!

Save Money with a Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Package

One of the easiest ways to cut your costs when planning your wedding is to bundle your honeymoon and wedding together. Resorts will often give you great discounts for coming during certain seasons, and they’ll also give you a free wedding and perks like couples massages and breakfast in bed after your wedding night. With the dedication to service, you’ll always get service with a smile!

This also gives you a unique wedding that you and your friends and family won’t soon forget! Get married on the soft white foamy beaches of Jamaica, or under the hot Bahamian sun and enjoy Vegas style entertainment at night. With destination weddings, you can make it your own! Relax all day on beaches for your honeymoon, or go on adventure tours swimming along coral reefs and swimming with dolphins. Spend a week being pampered in a spa to soothe away any lingering tension, or go on a rum tour or cruise with live music in a party atmosphere! You can tailor your destination wedding and honeymoon package to your needs.

Save Money with Group Flight Discounts

If you’re going to have your wedding party (guests) with you, you already know how expensive it can get. Different airlines will have deals that can soothe the sticker shock; the best way to get deals with airlines is a travel agent. Airlines offer these flights because they want to make sure their planes are at full capacity (it costs the same to fuel the plan if it’s half full, so they lose money if people aren’t on the plane). You can find deals on your own if you plan far ahead, but it can take more time and a lot more work at the end of the day. Why do all the work on your own when we can handle things for you?

Let us Help You Save on your Wedding!

Cut your costs and do half the work with us! We know how to get you the best deals for your wedding, all the great things to do while on your honeymoon, and of course how to get a free wedding at certain resorts who offer them! If you’d like to know more about your options, click here to fill out our No Obligation, No Hassle, Free Consultation form or call us at (800) 510-5642. We can help you plan your wedding in half the time and for a fraction of what you would spend back home!

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