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Best Wedding Locations

Best Wedding Locations


Close enough to home for all the amenities and comfort that you expect, and far enough away to give you time to be a couple, Mexico is a great destination wedding choice! Choose from electric blue waters in the Pacific along the Baja peninsula, or the Caribbean side and go island hopping when you feel like exploring. Mexico gives you the choices you need to have a great wedding and honeymoon, fantastic food and great prices on wedding packages that are hard to beat. Go salsa dancing and dine on pre-Hispanic foods that have survived just on the virtue of being delicious; you’ll find the Mexican food back home to be a whole other animal. Enjoy private beaches and beautiful rooms that open right out onto the ocean, and a wide variety of activities that range from adults only to family friendly movie nights on the beach. Go Mexico!


Friendly faces and service to match, a Jamaican destination wedding gives you everything you would expect from Caribbean luxury and a few surprises to match! If you’re a music lover, a foodie or into a laid back vacation, Jamaica is a great choice. Here you’ll be able to eat plantains and lobster, drink right at the rum factories of your favorite makers, and of course a trip to Margaritaville that you’ve always wanted to see! You’ll find crisp golf courses, private beaches and luxury that is beyond comparison of many of the American resorts! Old world luxury at a new world price that anyone can afford, you’ll still be able to get out there and enjoy all kinds of excursions like deep sea fishing and horseback riding along the beach at sunset or sunrise that gives you great memories that you can take home with you!

Dominican Republic

One of the most romantic places on earth, a Dominican Republic destination wedding is a paradise for the couple who wants to get out! Explore all the great restaurants that dot the coastline and great little duty free shops where you can bring back something beautiful to start off your lives together. Many resorts have restaurants right inside, but don’t forget to try out the variety of Asian fusion and Caribbean Jerk chicken that will never let you look at that boring local buffet the same way again. Nightlife is all about gambling and salsa dancing; you can easily go on a bar crawl to find all those hidden local gems. With private beaches and luxuriant spas where you can relax, fun parasailing and surfing excursions, you’ll always find something fun to do!


Living the life of luxury is what a destination wedding to the Bahamas is all about, and here you’ll be flying high both above the bay and in your resort. With Vegas style shows and gambling paired with world class entertainment and dining, you’ll wonder why you didn’t come here sooner! Pink and white beaches adorn the island like soft scarves that you can explore barefoot or on horseback, beautiful palm trees and cool umbrellas dot the coast so you never have to worry about being trapped out in the sun if you don’t want to, and of course all the great food will delight any foodie! Why choose any other location in the Caribbean when you can enjoy the magic of the Bahamas all year round, with friendly faces and glasses that never seem to empty, it’s the best choice for any couple looking for a piece of the high life in cerulean Caribbean!


As one of the last paradises left to us in the United States, Hawaii destination weddings give you fun in the sun right in your own backyard! Quick flights in and five star resorts abound, so you never have to worry about trying to find an ocean view. World class dining can be found all over, and you can have a wedding luau with fire dancers and live music that will remind you why you came! If you’re looking for fun in the water, many local resorts offer surf packages and water excursions that get you up close and personal with the local wildlife. Tour farms and eat sugarcane right off the plant, but don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the ring of fire with volcano tours from the sea or helicopters by night. All of this and more awaits you for your Hawaii destination wedding, you just have to reach out and take it!

U.S. Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are a true paradise, and one of the best places you could ever visit. With friendly people who are dedicated to service, white beaches that beckon in a beacon of light, the U.S. Virgin Islands are a destination wedding hotspot that can’t be overlooked when you’re looking for the ideal place to hold your own! With the resorts’ well-appointed rooms in spacious resorts that go on forever, wellness spas that soothe away worries, and gourmet world class cuisine that comes standard with your package, how can you say no? Go snorkeling along the seabed and see beautiful life that has been here so much longer than we have, but is still accommodating any way! Take a sea hopper and explore the other island paradises nearby, however you choose to spend your U.S. Virgin Islands destination wedding you’re sure to have a great time.


Aruba is a tiny island nation in the Caribbean, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in fun! For years people have flocked to this Dutch protectorate for fun in the sun, and people envy its popularity. If you are looking for the best blend of party island and beautiful romantic spot an Aruba destination wedding is a great choice! With luxury shopping and five star resorts that host some of the best food you’ll ever taste, it’s one of the places that bear serious consideration. The nightlife here ranges from Caribbean to Latin and even Euro party bars that can’t be missed. Why spend one more moment thinking about a boring stateside wedding when you get put your toes in the sand in Aruba and dance until dawn? Make it your main destination or just a stop along the way of exploring the Caribbean, either way you’ll never regret your experience on Aruba!


Barbados has the bleached white beaches you’d come to expect from a Caribbean island, but with all the fun of a Barbados destination wedding provides. With great dining options that range from Asian to the ubiquitous Flying Fish and Pepper pot Stew your tastes will be satisfied. Drink colorful drinks on a sandy beach on a canopy bed, and then follow up the night by dancing until the sun rises over the beautiful horizon; you can even stay up longer and enjoy a breakfast buffet! Spend the rest of your days exploring the calm waters in scuba or snorkeling gear, or just go all out and take an ATV into a designated spot and get dirty. How you spend your Barbados wedding and honeymoon is up to you, but you’ll have a great time if it’s your main destination or just a stop along the way.

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