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Best Beach Wedding Locations

Best Beach Wedding Locations
When you’re looking for the RIGHT place to have your wedding, you don’t have to go far! Some of the best places are in our backyards, and when you want a beach wedding you can take a short flight to Mexico or the Caribbean, or go as far as Europe for an Old World extravaganza. Destination weddings allow you to create an experience for you, your family and friends that you won’t soon forget! Here we’ll talk about the advantages of destination weddings as opposed to traditional weddings, as well as how to get deals on the top and best destination weddings throughout Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. Why sacrifice luxury and convenience when you truly can have it all, even on a budget?

Spotting the Best Beach Wedding Location

When you’re trying to choose the right wedding venue, think about the place you’ve always wanted to go on vacation but just couldn’t justify the cost. Think about all the perks that come with the best destination weddings like champagne toasts included with your free wedding package, live music, beautifully decorated awnings right on the beach and of course some of the best gourmet meals and drinks included with the cost! Any resort hotel worth its salt will be able to give you all the perks of a five star resort without making you haggle, a dedication to service in user reviews will always give you a good feel for the resort.

But not all of us want to stay in our room during our honeymoon (even though it’s tempting!), so you might want a beach wedding and honeymoon locale that offers as much adventure and relaxation that you need. Do they have excursions and adventure tours available that get you out into the water, seeing the local sites, and help you find all the little nightlife spots that makes a place a top beach wedding destination? Is it located in the middle of a resort desert where you are trapped within the confines of the resort, or is there a rich local history to explore? Look for locations with great restaurant reviews, activity reports (things like dolphin excursions where you swim out in the open water with dolphins, picnics on the beach, helicopter tours and even full service spas) help you make the best decision and avoid buyers’ remorse. This is the time to go do everything you’ve always wanted to do on vacation, but with your partner so you can explore together!

We Can Help You Find the Best Beach Wedding Venue!

We know how to get you into the best resorts and what makes a top destination wedding location. Check out our destinations page to get a look at the top 10 best beach weddings and locations so you can start planning your dream wedding today! If you’d like to learn more about what options you have for planning your best destination wedding, click here to fill out our contact form! You can also give us a call at (800) 510-5642, or for better service fill out our No Obligation, No Hassle, Free Consultation form and get started today.

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