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5 Tips on How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

It happens. Your wedding day is almost here; you have been with your special someone for some time now and you just don’t know what to say. Here are a few tips that will definitely help you in writing your own wedding vows.

  1. Read some examples – Carry out your own research by reading lots of wedding vows examples. If you are a member of a certain faith, you can start by reading vows that are customary in your religion. By reading various examples, you will be able to identify vows that interest you. Once you have identified the vows you love, you can consider incorporating the style in your own vows or use them as a basis to form your own.
  2. Communicate with your fiancé on Style and Format – The two of you need to decide on the style and format you want for your wedding vows. For instance, do you want your vows to be romantic, humorous or poetic? You also need to consider whether you will write your vows separately or together. Some couples decide to write vows that are completely different from the traditional vows, whereas others opt to stick to tradition. Whatever you two decide will go a great way in helping you write your wedding vows.
  3. Reflect on Your Relationship and Take some Notes – Take time to think about your fiancé and your relationship. Think about the first time you met. How did you feel? When did you decide that you want to spend the rest of your life with him? Start brainstorming and get creative. Here are some few questions to consider:
    • What qualities do you admire about your partner?
    • What is it that inspires you about your partner?
    • What has changed and how has life gotten better since you met?
    • Why do you choose to spend the rest of your life with him?
  4. Make some Promises – Promises are the key element in a wedding vow. Therefore you need to incorporate promises in your wedding vows. Choose promises that are broad and specific. For example, you can say that “I promise to cherish you.” For a more specific promise, you can say, “I promise to kiss you every morning and tell you that I love you before we go to work.”
  5. Write your Draft – You need to take notes, identify a structure and write your draft. According to Robert Lehrman, a speechwriting expert, you can follow the four-part outline below:
    • Affirm your love
    • Praise your fiancé
    • Offer promises
    • Close with the vow

Do not rely on cliché phrases. Make sure your vows are unique, reflect your relationship and sound like you.

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