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5 Biodegradable Wedding Confetti Ideas

5 Biodegradable Wedding Confetti Ideas

The tossing of rice at newlyweds as they exit the wedding ceremony is a time-honored tradition. Nowadays, many couples instead choose to use confetti for their wedding exit for a fun spin on the custom. Unfortunately, neither option is very environmentally friendly. But you don’t have to sacrifice those beautiful wedding exit photos. These eco-friendly wedding send-off ideas are just as pretty—but won’t harm the planet!

Flower Petal Bar

Flower Petal Bar

A wedding-exit toss idea we love: Set up a petal-tossing bar near the entrance and invite guests to fill paper cones with fresh flower petals. Chose colors in your wedding palette and you’re pretty much guaranteed stunning wedding exit photos!


There are a lot of feathers that are artificially created, but you can find natural ones still! There are another sweet way to mark your wedding day exit, and will also work well as they can’t be thrown too far and will also take slightly longer to reach the ground.



Bird Seed

Apart from plant seeds, another idea is to let the birds in the area enjoy your wedding. By using birdseed as confetti, you give them a little treat – they might even stop for a photo. The best part about using birdseed is that if it doesn’t get eaten right away, it won’t give the environment problems.

Reduce Food Waste

Paper confetti but not as you know it – one of the funniest ideas, sure to amuse both old and young is to go old school with paper planes. Handy for cleaning up afterwards, you could even write a message on them for your guests if you had lots of time (and graphic design abilities!).

Paper Planes



Another great alternative is giving guests some soap bubbles to blow as confetti as you exit the ceremony area. It looks great on photos, and is also a no-mess option!

5 Biodegradable Wedding Confetti Ideas

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